War logic

Why do we fight each other? Man against man...? You may have a perfectly good reason, and i might logically concede to that,but do we have to come to that point of taking another life? War logic is something to think about. Stay blessed as you dig in 🙂 .

Writing on Rock,…then in Blood.

Interesting and great at the same time.
# A reminder to keep writing.


The Instinct of man;

to think, to write,… to leave his mark.

Ages come, ages go… man finding newer ways on the go.

Still however, it remains as it is…

Like strides in the sand, or as finger-drawings at the sea-shore,…

man’s mark washed up, clearly and without a trace, by the tide.

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The God Barrier!!!✨

At certain points in our lives as Christians, if not careful, we seem to run faster or further than God. This is to make you aware of the signs, calling us to slow down. ☺️Don't forget to share like and comment (perhaps personal experiences)-inspire someone. God Bless✨

Fear or Faith

Hello 🙂 So, Faith/fear? We are called to walk by faith, but some of us unknowingly do the opposite. these are inspired thoughts in print to help you get your stand right.//Remember to like, comment and Subscribe. Lets stay built in the Lord_God Bless.

Keep Smiling — Wakeprint

Keep Smiling Why not? well i guess you can’t do it all the time.. but it is the heart that counts. Yes, it does make you look beautiful. I believe this is a must read; See you at the end 🙂 *StayBlessedBeautifulOne via Keep Smiling — Wakeprint